GBC Auto+300x SmarTech Auto-Feed Paper Shredder (Cross Cut)


Smart functionality for remote notifications and management with the Auto+ SmarTech app*. * Requires 801.11 b/g/n wireless connection and compatible Android™ or Apple® iOS™ mobile device with Bluetooth® 4.2 or later. 4 digit PIN code lock for secure, walk away shredding

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Technical Specification:

– Shred capacity (70 grams): 8 sheets/ By Pass
– Shred Capacity (70 grams): 300 sheets/ By Tray
– Cutting style: Cross Cut
– Cutting size: 4 x 40 mm

– Cutting Speed: 3 m/min
– Working cycle: 12 min on/ 40 min off
– Can Shreds Staples, Paper Clips, CD’s and credit cards.
– Working width: 230 mm (A4 Size)
– Bin Style: Pull Bin
– Bin Full Indicator: Window Bin
– Auto On System: Yes
– Sound Level: 60 db
– Extra Secured With Password Feature

– Bin Capacity: 40 Liters
– Dimension (H x W x D): 650 x 350 x 490 mm
– Weight: 27 kg


Catalogue: GBC SmarTech Auto+Feed 300X



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