INTIMUS 175CC4 Paper Shredder (Micro Cut)


– i-Control: Absolute Transparency of the work flow
– Ecologic: Energy efficiency
– DLS: Dynamic Load Sensor- Controlled performance
– Material: shock resistant plastic, recyclable
– Integrated with Auto Reverse Function for easy removal of paper jams

To extends the life of cutters by keeping them well lubricated



Technical Specification:

Shred Capacity (70 gsm): 30 sheets
Shred Capacity (80 gsm): 26 sheets
Cutting type: Micro Cut
Cutting Size: 1.9 x 15 mm (Paper)

Cutting speed: 0.13m/ sec
Can Shreds staples, paper clips, credit cards, CD’s/ DVD’s
Insertion width: 405 mm/ A3 Size
Bin Style: Pull Bin
Bin Full Indicator: Light Up
Auto On System: Yes
Sound Level: 52 db
Removable catch basket
Mounted on rollers for flexible use

Bin Capacity: 175 liters
Dimension (H x W x D): 1050 x 660 x 560 mm
Weight: 119 KG

Catalogue: Intumus 175CC4



Additional information

Weight122 kg
Cut Type

Shred Size

Sheet Capacity

Insertion Width

Bin Size Volume