Intimus 205CP5 Paper Shredder (Micro Cut)


At intimus, we understand that many offices simply cannot compromise. The pace and sensitivity of their shredding needs requires the use of a shredder that is both fast and secure. That is why our German engineers designed the 205 CP5 office shredder, which can shred up to 30 sheets per pass, with a top shred speed of more than 600 sheets per minute. Each and every sheet is cross cut into extremely small shreds measuring less than 0.05 square inches (0.3 cm), meeting the P-5 security standards of the DIN 66399, ensuring that your organization’s sensitive documentation will not be compromised.

But the robustness of the 205 CP5 does not mean that it is hard to use. We have equipped the system with our Dynamic Load Sensor technology, which uses intuitive color coded illumination to inform users of the current state of the system. When the feed slot is green, the system is ready to use—just insert your documents, and the auto-feed system will engage. The slot illuminates yellow when the system is becoming overworked and it is necessary to reduce the number of sheets being inserted. Lastly, red signals that the system is overloaded and engaging the auto-reverse system in order to prevent damage to the unit. This intuitive system means that minimal training is necessary to make full use of the system’s capabilities. Even the newest employee will be able to comfortably use the 205 CP5 shredder with even a few minutes’ worth of training. For fast-paced work environments that cannot afford to compromise when it comes to their shredding needs, the intimus 205 CP5 office shredder is the ideal choice. intimus products are serious commercial shredders you won’t find at big box stores.

To extends the life of cutters by keeping them well lubricated



Technical Specification:

Shred Capacity (70 gsm): 30 sheets
Shred Capacity (80 gsm): 26 sheets
Cutting type: Micro Cut
Cutting Size: 1.9 x 15 mm

Cutting speed: 0.12m/ sec
Can Shreds Staples, Paper Clips, Credit Cards, CD’s/ DVD’s
Insertion width: 405 mm/ A3 Size
Bin Style: Pull Bin
Bin Full Indicator: Light Up
Auto On System: Yes
Sound Level: 52 db
Removable catch basket
Mounted on rollers for flexible use

Bin Capacity: 210 liters
Dimension (H x W x D): 1160 x 660 x 560 mm
Weight: 93 KG

Catalogue: Intimus 205CP5



Additional information

Weight175 kg
Cut Type

Shred Size

Sheet Capacity

Insertion Width

Bin Size Volume